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Global Energy Transition Investment Sets New Record in 2023

Intelligence news media reported on the 8th, according to the research organization Bloomberg New Energy Finance published "2024 energy transition investment trends report", 2023 global low-carbon environmental protection energy transition investment total to do a record $180 million, up 17% compared to the same period.

Business type, electrical automation delivery is the largest investment in energy transition in a field, mainly including new energy vehicles and charging infrastructure construction and other related information, the investment in 2023 to do 634 billion U.S. dollars, compared with the same period, an increase of 36%. Renewable energy investment in the field of soft growth of 8%, the total investment amount of $623 billion. In addition, the frontier field also appeared relatively large growth, such as hydrogen energy investment tripled to 10.4 billion U.S. dollars; energy storage technology also increased by 76% to 36 billion U.S. dollars; carbon capture and storage also basically doubled.

In terms of host countries, China is the largest country in energy transition investment, which will reach $676 billion in 2023, accounting for 38% of the total global investment. Foreign investment in the relevant amount to complete strong growth, to do 303 billion dollars; EU countries 27 member states of the total investment of 340 billion dollars.

According to the Report, although green energy investment is growing rapidly, it is still far from the target. If the world is on track to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, investment in the energy transition will need to reach $480 million per year in the 2024-2030 period, which is three times the total amount of specific investments in 2023, proposing that policymakers adopt unwavering behaviors that will unleash the full range of leapfrogging trends.

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