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EU reaches tentative agreement on Net Zero Industry Bill

The European Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement on the Net Zero Industry Bill on February 6, aiming to promote the industrial deployment of net-zero technologies in EU countries to advance the overall goal of climate change, and to enhance the advantages of the EU countries in industrial green and low-carbon technologies, the International Energy Network (IEN) has learned.

The European Council said in a communiqué published on the same day, the provisional agreement preserves the European Commission in March last year put forward the "Net Zero Industry Act" proposal of the first task: by 2030, the EU countries will be in the local production and manufacture of their needs for net-zero innovation of 40% of the products, including solar photovoltaic panels, wind generators, batteries, etc.; in the level of carbon capture and preservation, the completion of the carbon dioxide annual introduction of the ability to reach at least 50 million tons level.

The tentative agreement makes improvements in simplifying construction permit standards, creating a Net Zero Industry Valley, and establishing public procurement and competitive auction specifications.

The Net Zero Industry Bill also creates a more accessible and also predictable legal framework for net zero industry in EU countries. This will lead to a more sustainable and reliable energy supply in the region, while at the same time providing better standards for new net-zero projects. The aim of the Act is to achieve the European strategic goal of at least 40% of the deployment market demand for net-zero technical manufacturing capacity by 2030.

The European region is confident that the clean technology reform will be promoted, and the Net Zero Industry Bill sets a target of 40% of photovoltaic deployments, 50% of green-hydrogen electrostatic precipitators, 60% of heat pump deployments, and 85% of their wind turbine batteries to be sourced from in-house manufacturing in EU countries by 2030. In the future, the race to subsidize green technologies will become increasingly intense, centered around the clean energy industry. When the market share of a product originating in one country exceeds 65% in the European region, the product will be downgraded in public procurement tenders and the supplier of the product will have difficulty in obtaining state subsidies.

The Net Zero Industry Act is focused on responding to the IRA in the United States and can be seen as a European version of the clean energy subsidy program. The United States now has subsidies for clean energy technology, so last year France, Germany, Denmark and other countries of rechargeable batteries, oxygen energy machinery factory is to go to the United States to invest in the intention of the circle of factories, in the United States they can get 10 times the subsidies, the European Union countries need to save, competing for clean energy processing and manufacturing industry to improve their own processing and manufacturing industry market share, at the same time did not in the clean energy supply chain overly reliant on other countries, especially in the overly dependent on Russian gas to the clean energy supply chain, and the European version of the subsidy program. Especially in the over-reliance on Russian gas to the EU countries added a painful lesson, and thus promulgated that proposal, elaborated on the diversification of the industrial chain. Because China is the clean energy technology industry big brother, so the CNC will have some U.S. against China, "Net Zero Industry Act" is aimed at the long, has been or will be in the future in the European and American markets to obtain certainty or a greater advantage of the green industry of Chinese companies.

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