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185MW/565MWh energy storage plant in Hawaii, USA, goes online

San Francisco-based energy storage realtor Plus Power has fully launched its new Kapolei Energy Storage (KES) project on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, signaling an important leap forward in the state's goal of completing 100 percent renewable energy.

Hawaii is shutting down on September 1, 2022 to refurbish its final thermal power plant. This strategic shutdown reduces 180MW of fossil energy energy supply in the Oahu grid.

Equipped with 158 Tesla Motors Megapack 2 XL lithium polymer batteries, the new KES Energy Storage project is now the world's most advanced grid-operated scale rechargeable battery storage system software.The KES Energy Storage project occupies an 8-square-foot area with a total quantity of 185MW/565MWh, bringing balanced power engineering to Oahu's power grid.

The high efficiency can be increased by 250ms in contrast to traditional ignition. the energy storage power plant can also respond in 250ms, where traditional thermal ignition power plants take three to five minutes to respond to a release. This type of fast response time ensures the stability of the Oahu desert island power grid.

The KES storage plant, which contains 135MW/540MWh, and its 50MW/25MWh of additional output power, can "rapidly phase-frequency characterize" grid reliability to ensure that the new energy power output is smoothly delivered and the grid recovers to a "black-start" level during its outage. "Black start" level.

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