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Used to make nearly a million dollars a year! Former Vice President of PetroChina arrested!

International Energy Network was informed that on January 6, China's Commission for Discipline Inspection website released Xu Wenrong was expelled from the party to January 8, the Supreme Prosecutor's Office information announced that he was arrested on suspicion of taking bribes, only three days time. At the beginning of the year, our country's anti-corruption initiative head of the fire roasted very quickly and very strong.

Verification, Xu Wenrong loss of ideals and beliefs, betrayal of the original heart and mission, official obsession, lust for power, keen on political speculation, in order to seek job promotions to befriend political crooks, and go to great lengths to fight against the organization review; ignoring the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, accepting gifts and gratuities in violation of the provisions, subject to the banquet that may affect the fairness of the disruption of the public order; violation of the organizational system, in the organization of the correspondence does not truthfully state the problem; violation of the regulations Practicing profit-making activities, assigning family members in the state-owned system of participation in enterprises dependent on the salary; nothing disciplinary regulations and moral bottom line, unauthorized power and arrogance, rely on the oil to eat oil, massive use of power for personal gain, the use of the position of convenient for other people in the business operations, project contracting, job arrangements and other levels of profit-making, and illegally accept a high amount of property. Xu Wenrong has violated the party discipline, the party's organizational discipline, the party's integrity discipline and the party's life discipline, composed of more serious job violations and suspected of accepting bribes to make a case, and after the party's eighteen big do not converge, do not stop, the characteristics of the more serious, the nature of the bad, should be seriously investigated and dealt with. According to the "CPC Disciplinary Regulations", "People's Republic of China Supervision Law", "People's Republic of China Public Officials Political Disposition Law" and other relevant provisions, by the Standing Committee of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the meeting to explore and report to the CPC Central Committee for permission, decided to give Xu Wenrong dismissal from the Party; in accordance with the provisions of the cancellation of enjoyment of the entitlement; recovery of their disciplinary get; will be related to the criminal problem transferred to the procuratorate in accordance with the rules of the transfer prosecution, involving the property and The property involved will also be handed over.

The "oil tiger" used to earn millions of dollars a year  

Xu Wenrong is from the oil comprehensive Chinese cadres. Publication of personal history shows that Xu Wenrong, born in June 1961, has worked in the oil and gas industry for more than 30 years, serving as China's petroleum geophysical exploration director, party secretary, China's petroleum China Oriental Geophysical Exploration Limited Liability Company general manager, party secretary, China's petroleum group assistant manager and other positions.

In 2011, Xu Wenrong transferred to China Shipping (Group Company) Company headquarters party committee member, head of the discipline inspection group, during the period of the General Company's deputy general manager, party committee member, party school president, management cadres college doctor and other positions.

In 2016, Xu Wenrong rejoined PetroChina as deputy general manager, party committee member and deputy secretary of the party group of China National Petroleum Corporation.

In December 2018, several central enterprises had released the management's salary status in 2017, when Xu Wenrong, who also served as deputy secretary of the party group and deputy general manager of PetroChina, was among them, based on the public release of salary data, Xu Wenrong's pre-tax salary and remuneration in PetroChina totaled more than 630,100 yuan in 2017, and the "five insurance and one gold The "five insurance and one gold" part of the enterprise's contribution is more than 166,600 yuan, in addition to its tenure in China COSCO Shipping tenure incentive earnings, all of Xu Wenrong's salary in 2017 is more than 911,400 yuan.

In December 2020, Xu Wenrong became an outside director of China First Automobile Group Corporation. Employed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, since January 2021, he has been an outside director of China National Building Materials Co.

On February 17, 2023, the SASAC issued a news release that exempted Xu Wenrong from the position of external director of the central enterprise career, Xu Wenrong resigned from the position of external director of China First Automobile Group Corporation and China National Building Materials Company Limited.

Xu Wenrong, the name was in the petroleum system picturesque, but now it has become the anti-corruption and cleanliness struggle in the "oil tiger". His experience has to make people think of that sentence: "Once the right is out of control, it will become a kite with broken strings."

Xu Wenrong's fall, not only his personal misfortune, more for the whole oil comprehensive alarm. In the petroleum system, there is a long time "a hand" to say the situation, resulting in some leaders in the power of temptation, slowly lost themselves. Xu Wenrong's example, this is also a knock on this kind of leading cadres.

Rights must be subject to regulation and restraint, no one can except. Only in this way can we guarantee that the party and the people's rights and interests to obtain the maximum maintenance maintenance. In the next anti-corruption battle, we must bear in mind this lesson, unswervingly walk steadily on the road of anti-corruption and integrity building.

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