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The Voltaire, the British installation vessel for offshore wind farms, was built in China!

A facility project dubbed "the world's largest on-water wind farm" took a big step forward this month with the production of its first power project. The site, Dogger Bank Wind Farm, is located in the city of North Sea, 130 kilometers from the North East England Bight. Although it is still a long way from being fully operational, the installation of its first wind turbine and the production of electricity is an important initiative in its own right. Mainly because GE Vernova's Haliade-X turbine is 260 meters high, taller than San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, and has a lobe length of 107 meters.

The assembly of the turbines at Dogger Beach required detailed planning and advance preparation, with the "Voltaire" (a specialized ship designed by the Jan de Nul Group of companies) playing a key role. Named after the 18th century French philosopher, the Voltaire has a lifting capacity of 3,200 tons and will assemble a total of 277 Haliade-X turbines upon completion.

Described by experts as "the largest jack-up assembly vessel ever built on water", this is the pinnacle of supply chain collaboration involving major corporations. Dogger Bank Offshore Account Economic Development Zone seawater Linyi 63 meters, which means that Voltaire Day in the deeper waters related to the ability to work is particularly important. This is the area where its four slender legs fully play a key role. Voltaire was built in China's COSCO Shipbuilding shipyard, slender legs allow it to rise from the river. Each leg is about 130 meters long and can also run effectively in 80 meters of water depth.

According to the developer's explanation, once completed, the total capacity of the Dogtan wind farm is expected to exceed 3.6 GW, which can power systems for up to 6 million homes every year. The project is being carried out in three phases: Dogger Bank A, B and C. A fourth phase is currently being planned for Dogger Bank D, which will further increase its capacity.

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