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National First! 5.2 Billion Underground Cavern Hydrogen Storage Project Signed and Landed in Hubei P

Along with the change of the world's energy structure and the rapid development of the green low-carbon economy, hydrogen energy, as a kind of clean, high-efficiency, renewable power energy, is more and more concerned and valued by various countries. on December 26, 2023, the national clean and low-carbon hydrogen energy integration and innovation project--Daye Mine Green Power Green Hydrogen Manufacturing, Storage, Re-addition, Integrated Hydrogen Mine Comprehensive Project contract "hydrogen production machinery and equipment" was successfully signed. On December 26, 2023, the contract for "hydrogen production machinery and equipment" of the national clean and low-carbon hydrogen energy integration innovation project - Daye City Mine Green Power Green Hydrogen Production, Storage and Re-addition Comprehensive Engineering Project was successfully signed. This initiative means that the implementation of the National Clean and Low-Carbon Hydrogen Energy Integration and Innovation Project in the mining area of Daye City has taken an important step forward, and plays a crucial role in promoting the development of clean energy and upgrading the structure of the hydrogen energy industry in the region.

Daye, known as "Thousands of Miles of Gold, Jiangnan Region Treasure Plate", is rich in mineral resources, providing a common scenario for the development of solar power and hydrogen energy. Daye mine green power green hydrogen system storage and then add the integrated hydrogen mine comprehensive engineering projects here on the ground, the total project investment is estimated at 5.2 billion yuan, is China's first underground cavern storage of hydrogen new projects, including solar power generation, green power hydrogen, caverns and underground distributed system storage of hydrogen, hydrogen pipeline transmission, hydrogen use, hydrogen industrial base, information management service platform 7 major areas. The project will form a green ecology of hydrogen energy industry chain of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen cracking, hydrogen, to create a domestic "full chain of application, integrated operation" of hydrogen energy mine, and promote Daye's transformation and development from the traditional manufacturing industry to the new energy project.

Overall planning, Daye City will create a new green power hydrogen processing plant in the industrial and mining enterprises repair site. Sun Hydrogen provides 5 sets of 1000Nm?/h alkali electrolysis hydrogen production equipment and 2 sets of 200Nm?/h PEM electrolysis hydrogen production equipment for the project, combined with the self-developed intelligent management system of Smart Hydrogen, which is the first in China to complete the synergistic operation of the alkali and PEM hydrogen production system software, and through the big data control system, it can greatly broaden the scope of the equipment operating load and improve the transient response capability and utilization efficiency of the equipment. and utilization efficiency. Sun Hydrogen not only provides high-quality green hydrogen for the Daye mine, but will also collaborate with the photovoltaic power station, hydrocracking integrated site and other end-use equipment to complete digital governance and intelligent operation.

At the signing ceremony, Li Jingtao, General Manager of Wuhan Branch of China Sixteen Chemical and Wang Gong, Executive Director of Hubei Subsidiary of CEC, highly affirmed Sun Hydrogen's hydrogen system software and expressed confidence in Daye's cooperation. They said that Sun Hydrogen can not only provide bias hydrogen production system and PEM hydrogen production system software, but also lead the industry in small power and high efficiency operation, dynamic response time, one key start/stop and other key technical aspects. In many large-scale green power and green hydrogen projects and different application scenarios, Sun Hydrogen has performed exceptionally well. They hope that multiple parties will utilize their respective advantages to cooperate with each other in the establishment of "Hydrogen Mining", a national clean and low-carbon hydrogen energy integration and innovation project.

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