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H2PLT plans to list on Spanish stock exchange, aims to raise 15 million euros

Green Hydrogen Spain has re-submitted its listing application to the BME Scaleup section of the Spanish stock exchange.

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BME Scaleup is the new buy and sell section published by the Spanish Stock Exchange (BME), aimed at growth companies. Its main objective is to provide these companies with a more flexible natural environment for offering, and a simpler operational process.

Launched in July 2021, BME Scaleup is dedicated to making it easier for companies with growth and innovation attributes to offer their products and services on the stock market with lower barriers and lower stereotypes.

In contrast to traditional listing requirements, BME Scaleup seeks innovation and growth potential, allowing companies that do not meet the traditional listing criteria but have strong market prospects and growth engines to access the stock market. The purpose of this segment is to provide users with more flexible financing channels, while at the same time attracting more investors, making it easier for them to project invest and support the rapid development of such growth companies.

H2PLT was started by entrepreneur Sisco Sapena, founder and CEO of, who expects to raise around 15 million euros in the coming months, with an offering planned for 2024, when the bell ringing ceremony will take place.

Over the next five years, H2PLT plans to raise 85 million euros to expand its production capacity in Spain.

H2PLT has developed a modular, replicable green hydrogen small and medium-sized production and power generation ecosystem, which utilizes hydrogen energy as a space vector for reheat power and is used in electric stations. Its business model is based on the sale of H2 market created by solar power generation, converted into electricity at night and sold to wholesalers through a unique network of electric stations or to wholesaler towns.

The company's power-to-power system software, Power-to-Power, allows green hydrogen to be converted into electricity based on hydrogen fuel cells.

The company is committed to promoting electric transportation based on the rapid development of H2aX applications and small- and medium-sized photovoltaic (PV) power plants dedicated to the production of green hydrogen for electricity generation. The company utilizes small and medium-sized PV plants and excess solar power to produce green hydrogen by electrolysis and, where necessary, convert it to electricity in a cheaper way.

H2PLT has built one of the largest electric charging stations in Spain, with 24 nodes, at the El Pedernoso solar park in Cuenca. At El Pedernoso, H2PLT has access to 80 hectares of land in Cuenca, Spain, with access to water and horizontal capacity for a total of 14 H2 small and medium-sized production and power control modules, with plans to produce 2.5 tons of H2 per day. at full capacity, the plant is capable of generating 40MW of electricity, which is more than enough to satisfy the annual demand of 160,000 people.

H2PLT's seven-person team includes professionals with international reputations in the hydrogen fuel cell industry. The company seeks to expand its brand presence and attract investors focused on the investment specifications of ESG projects.

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