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Epishine Sweden Expands Indoor PV Module Manufacturing Capacity

Epishine, a manufacturer of organic chemical photovoltaic modules, has opened a new factory in linköping, Sweden. The plant uses roll-to-roll machinery to produce new products for low-power battery replacement and self-powered electronics.

Ephisine's new factory in linköping. Photo credit: Epishine

Germany's leading specialist in in-room photovoltaics, Epishine, has completed a new production facility with an annual capacity of 100 million organic photovoltaic (OPV) PV modules with standard 6-connected rechargeable batteries of 50 mm x 50 mm.

"This is a mass production process that utilizes the raw material of solar black ink to achieve. it combines existing roll-to-roll production methods with our key production processes that are subject to patents and trade secrets," said Jonas Bergqvist, Epishine's technical director, in an interview with the press. that are maintained."

The company manufactures in-room photovoltaic modules for use in low-energy electronics using a roll-to-roll production manufacturing process that applies a slot die screen printer to apply a 50-micron foil to a stack of solar panels that are not 1-μm thick.

Pre-printed with silver busbars and identification marks, the foils are subjected to a specialized lamination and dry-fixing process, followed by inline encapsulation forms and laser cutting into 0.2-mm-thick manufactured parts.

After production comes quality testing, says Bergqvist: "Performance testing is carried out on every component and there is a customized visual inspection system that can be applied inline." He emphasized that the creation of a technical standard for dark light performance testing will enhance the probability of success for the PV industry in the room.

The business claims that the process has lower temperatures and higher processing costs compared to other methods, and is backed by a separate life cycle assessment audited by a third party.Bergqvist said, "Everyone is planning to convert silver to copper to further reduce resource application."

With future expansion in mind, the plant has chosen its detailed location in the linköping industrial park.

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