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Saudi Arabia announces tender for 3.7GW of solar

As part of the Saudi Arabian government's fifth round of renewable energy bidding program for the sector, the Saudi Arabian Power Project Procurement Company (SPPC) has published a tender provision (RFQ) for solar power projects with a cumulative total of 3.7 GW for four projects.

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The SPPC this week indicated that it has published tender provisions for four solar power projects in Saudi Arabia, totaling 3.7 GW, as part of the Saudi Arabian government department's fifth round of the Nationwide Renewable Energy Tendering Program (NREP).

According to the newsletter, the four projects include the 2 GW Al Sadawi plant located in the eastern part of the country and the 1 GW (AC) Al Masa project located in the northern province of Hail, as well as the 400 MW (AC) Al Henakiyah II plant located in the western part of Madinah province, and the 300 MW (AC) Rabigh II formation located in the western part of Makkah province.

In its announcement, SPPC said it would be responsible for overseeing the projects, and that the state-owned company, which is primarily responsible for purchasing power supplies from individual power producers, would be responsible for the initial development and design of the power and energy sources, as well as for the tendering and subsequent "offtake" of the power sources.

As part of NREP's renewable energy program, such projects account for one-quarter of the total volume of electric energy tendered (12.6 GW). According to its website, NREP is committed to "maximizing" the country's renewable energy development potential. According to Saudi Arabia's key solar power advisory team, the host government aims to produce 27.5 GW of renewable energy by 2030, and according to the International Renewable Energy Association, by the end of last year, the host country was likely to have installed 390 MW, a target that compares favorably with the country's total installed capacity of 12.6 GW. According to the International Renewable Energy Association (IREA), by the end of last year, the host country could have achieved an installed capacity of 390 MW, which is an important leap forward compared to the country's installed capacity at this stage.

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