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Sonnen doubles capacity of German home PV energy storage systems

Sonnen has expanded the capacity of its head office in Wilder Polzli, located in the Olgau region of Germany, to produce and manufacture approximately 120,000 pieces of system software per year at this stage. This accelerated expansion reflects the rapidly rising demand for home photovoltaic energy storage software in Germany.

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Sonnen's production expansion was as fast as planned, resulting in a doubling of production capacity.

In a positive response to soaring market demand over the past year, the company expanded its production capacity to 120,000 pieces of home PV energy storage system software a year ahead of schedule.

Industry insiders estimate that Sonnen has already installed 1 million pieces of home PV energy storage this year. German Photovoltaic Power Industry Association (German Solar Association) reported that Germany just installed about 214,000 pieces of rechargeable battery energy storage system last year. According to information from RWTH Aachen University, more than 110,000 pieces of home PV energy storage system software were added in the first quarter alone.

In parallel with the growing requirements, Sonnen is also expanding. Since the beginning of 2022, the number of employees has essentially doubled, from 800 to 1,500. Sonnen has also expanded its development center here and built a new training school on site.

Sonnen CEO Oliver Koch explained: "The market demand has never been higher in the last year, but our production plant will only open in 2021 and we cannot fully meet the demand. But even if the need for home energy storage systems tends to normalize again, it will remain at the leading level."

Because of the initial capacity expansion, Sonnen can also steadily reach other market demands. Koch states, "With our own virtual power station technology, we are increasing our added value in energy storage technology and other areas, thus ensuring that we grasp the core technology for the transformation of the data energy structure in Germany, which is a role model for science and technology."

Sonnen delivers its home photovoltaic energy storage system software to the virtual power station, allowing it to give DC management in the power balancing market, for example, and to assist the power battery system to complete the power grid reliability - which at this stage still depends crucially on conventional power stations or medium and large energy storage facilities. Installed home energy storage system households can get additional income. Recently, Sonnen has also incorporated new energy electric vehicles into its imaginary power stations.

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