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Renewable energy abandonment rate in Australia grows 40% by 2022

The Australian energy unit is in a very difficult position at this stage, after all, in the premise of the commitment to develop and design more renewable energy, grid congestion caused a significant increase in renewable energy abandoned electricity. More seriously, some industry associations feel that the creation of new power lines is the only way to solve this dilemma, but Australia after evaluating the transmission and distribution project framework does not feel that this behavior does not work.

Australian Energy Market Network Operator (AEMO) CEO Daniel Westerman noted at an industry forum in London on May 15 that abandonment of renewable energy generation facilities in Australia has increased by nearly 40 percent in the past year. The worst affected states in Australia are Victoria and New South Wales, and the phenomenon has long been localized to North Carolina.

Westerman said: "We can see more and more photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation is reduced, due to the power supply system does not have a certain scale and transmission capacity. From January to March this year, the grid from Victoria to New South Wales and Victoria respectively, 42% and 57% of the time is also in congestion situation. In other words, a portion of our own electric energy highway is in a congestion situation."

Ian Learmonth, CEO of the Australian Green Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), indicated that Australia is now well below the level needed to achieve its overall climate target, which is in fact a 43 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, with a market share of renewable energy generation capacity above the 80 percent target.

Learmonth said: "To achieve this related renewable energy and carbon emissions opening target, we need to install a large number of 29GW of renewable energy production power generation equipment. This equates to an additional 3.6GW per year."

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