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Nine EU countries agree to establish Mediterranean Green Energy Hub

Energy ministers of nine EU countries in the Mediterranean region met in Malta's Beijing capital Valletta on May 18 to allow the creation of a Mediterranean-style green energy core to accelerate the pace of EU countries to complete carbon seepage and electricity energy alone.

The nine countries contain Malta, Portugal, Estonia, France's, ancient Greece, Spain, Spain, Uzbekistan and Spain.

They said in a joint action statement released after the completion of the General Assembly on the same day that the Mediterranean region can become the core of renewable energy investment, according to promote the sharing of data on water-based renewable energy and clean energy between EU countries and non-EU member states in the region, to promote investment in the European region in the field of green energy. They allow priority investment in water-based renewable energy, solar photovoltaic power system software, renewable energy hydrogen production and other industries.

The statement said that the nine countries will invite the European Commission to conduct scientific research on the feasibility analysis of the basic construction of green energy corridors between EU countries and non-EU member states in that Mediterranean region, and to provide financial support for the sharing of data on electricity and energy in the region on a merit basis.

The Maltese Minister of Energy Miriam Daly, who took the stage on the same day, showed that investing in renewable energy infrastructure development is not only with a long-term goal forward-looking service commitment, are the best solution to the current phase of exploration.

The European Commission's Commission for Electricity and Energy, Kadri Simson, who participated in the conference, said that the conference coincided with the first anniversary of the publication of the EU's national "REPowerEU" energy plan, which aims to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and increase investment in energy efficiency, while at the same time promoting energy demand diversification. The European Commission will help create a green energy nucleus in the Mediterranean region.

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