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How to seize the opportunity when intelligent connected vehicles enter a new stage of development?

Intelligent connected car is a new and innovative model integrating bicycle driverless and connected platform car, which represents a new stage of the development of intelligent vehicle system. At the present stage, the development of intelligent connected automobile has become the strategic goal of the development of the global automobile industry chain. How should we take the lead in the development of intelligent connected automobile industry?


On April 21, 2023 Intelligent Manufacturing System Expertise Innovation Practice Summit was held in Liyang, Jiangsu province. Photo provided by the organizer

In the 2023 Intelligent Manufacturing System professional knowledge Innovation Practice Summit Forum held on April 21, a number of academicians and industry insiders agreed that, based on the hightech and industrial development regulations, to create the Chinese wisdom of independent innovation and development of intelligent connected automobile, will become the "propeller" in the development of China's intelligent connected automobile industry chain.

Premier Li, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Tsinghua University, seems that at this stage, there is no successful case and clear road for reference of intelligent network automobile industry chain. In the future driverless period, product definition and architecture design, key application of optimization algorithm, information system integration and certification are the main life of vehicle enterprises. The next-generation computer operating system that supports driverless driving is a big challenge for China's smart cars to decipher.

In the development process of intelligent connected automobile industry chain, automobile manufacturing enterprises will play a leading role.   And pay attention to accumulation, inheritance and development.

How should automobile manufacturing enterprises break through their own limitations and promote the transformation of the whole market?

Li Peigen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that it is crucial for industrial production expertise to apply APP in related links. A lot of cross3.industry and cross.industry industrial production work experience, professional knowledge and methods will be deposited to the industrial Internet platform in the form of industrial production APP, and can also be created, sold and disseminated in a large range, higher frequency and shorter channels.

"With the increase in the amount of data and information, the use of AI technology in the manufacturing industry is becoming more widespread. Managers and technical engineers will fully prepare for the transformation and development, and use AI to improve creative thinking," said Li Peigen.

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