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Ørsted has unveiled its plans to build a 740MW solar farm in the UK with associated battery storage, dubbed One Earth Solar Farm, signifying the Dutch energy group's first solar project in the coun...


Europe is highly dependent on imports of clean-up technologies such as photovoltaics or rechargeable batteries. In its latest report "Ensuring the resilience of Europe's energy mix transition", the...


Toshiba has developed 2200 V silicon carbide (SiC) metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) for inverters and energy storage systems to help inverter manufacturers reduce the si...


India's credit rating and data services limited liability company (CRISIL) recently predicted analysis, India installed renewable energy new project installed capacity is accelerating growth: in re...


According to the information recently released by the Italian Photovoltaic Power Generation Research Association, Italy's installed capacity of installed PV systems in the first half of 2023 was 2....

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Overseas sales manager
10k-20k   Experience Unlimited / Unlimited / Full Time

Responsibilities: 1. The design of the mechanical structure of the equipment, the design of the mechanical parts, and the familiarity with the design and processing specifications of the equipment to conduct quality monitoring during the equipment processing; 2. Simulation of product mechanical structure; 3. Cooperate with control engineers to complete equipment design, processing, installation and debugging; 4. Assist the craftsman to sort out the product design documents, assembly process, schedules and other documents Require: 1. Proficient in using AUTOCAD and a kind of engineering 3D software, such as UG, Pro/E, solidworks; 2. Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, with good team awareness and communication skills;

Business representative
8k-15k    Experience Unlimited / Unlimited / Full Time
Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the development and management of agents, and complete the corresponding business indicators; 2. Responsible for agent development, relationship maintenance and policy implementation; 3. Regular statistics and analysis of agents and sales data within their duties; 4. Master the industry dynamics and analyze the market situation; 5. Assist the superior to complete the corresponding work content, and do a good job in publicizing the company's policies. Require: 1. College degree or above, with certain sales business ability; 2. Experience in the sales industry of photovoltaic, furniture, lamps and other channels; 3. Familiar with the local photovoltaic market; 4. Have strong communication, execution, and expression skills, and be proficient in using office software; 5, can adapt to business trips, have a sense of team.

Overseas Marketing
10k-15k    Experience Unlimited / Unlimited / Full Time
Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the planning and execution of O2O and B2C marketing activities in related overseas regions 2. Responsible for English writing and social media operations 3. Responsible for content planning, brand communication, document review, Chinese-English translation, etc. 4. According to their own advantages, complete other tasks assigned by the leader Require: 1. Bachelor degree or above, good in spoken and written English, can be used as a working language 2. Proficient in using office software such as Word, Excel, PPT, etc. 3. Strong logical ability, sense of responsibility and team spirit, self-motivated 4. Strong executive ability and ability to withstand pressure, those with overseas work or life experience are preferred

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